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Introducing: Medical Dilators


New Hydra-V Vaginal Moisturiser



Good day, Dr Rudolph!  I started my dilator therapy for vaginismus with you last year and within 3 months I was successfully treated.  I was with my partner for 9 years and could never consummate our relationship before your treatment. I never experienced any problems again! Thank you so much for that!

Anonymous - obviously

Thank you so much doctor! If it was not for you, my problem would never have been resolved! It is now so good, the women don’t want to leave me alone!

Patient with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

Just wanted to let you guys know that I collected my dilators from Sandton. Thank you so much, they are perfect! I already started using the smallest one. I can sleep, sit, walk around so I really think it's a good idea for your patients who can't find the time to lay in one place for a period of time.