Dr. Serfontein Consultation Voucher

Dr. Serfontein Consultation Voucher

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*MSH does not provide medical consultations.  All of the consultations are provided by the healthcare providers associated with his.  This is merely  a voucher for a consultations with them. Their receptionist will get in touch with you to make arrangements and sign consent forms.


Low libido?

 Painful sex?

 Erectile dysfunction?

 Premature ejaculation?

Book a telephone consultation - 15 minutes with our Sexual Health Expert Dr. Jireh Serfontein.

Dr Jireh Serfontein is a medical doctor with a special interest in sexual health and HIV management. She has been part of the My Sexual Health team since 2013.

Dr Serfontein completed her Master’s Degree in Sexual Health through the University of Sydney, Australia and holds a Diploma in HIV Medicine through the Colleges of Medicine in South Africa.

Dr Jireh Serfontein is asked for her expert opinion by newspapers and magazines on a regular basis and has been a guest on several radio talk shows. Some of her media contributions can be seen on her blog.

Even if you are unsure whether you should come and see the doctor and you just have a few questions - this is a great opportunity to check in with the doctor.

The telephonic consultations work very well for patients who prefer staying anonymous or who find it difficult to discuss their personal matters with the doctor in person.

If we cannot help you with a consultation within the next working day we will refund you in full!