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Silicone Dilators and Stub Dilators


The MSH Silicone Vaginal Dilator is our pride and joy. It has helped so many couples to have pain-free intercourse. They have been custom made here in South Africa, according to the needs of the thousands of individuals and couples that the My Sexual Health (MSH) doctors have treated for vaginismus and other forms of painful intercourse.  We have sold over 4000 units without a single come-back!

*Dilators are individually or as a box set! 

What is a Stub dilator?

Stub Dilators - wearable dilators

The stub dilators are custom made for patients who prefer to "wear" the dilators during the day or at night to facilitate prolonged stretching and relaxation of the muscles. 
The diameters are the same as that of the original dilators, we have just shortened them to make them more comfortable to wear.
Please allow up to two weeks for delivery as each order is custom made.

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