Lamelle Ovaria - Ovarian Health Supplement

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Lamelle Ovaria - Ovarian Health Supplement

Using an inspired blend of ingredients, including a naturally-occurring complex that’s part of the vitamin B family, Ovaria is a brand-new ovarian-health nutritional supplement. Our main ingredient is 4000mg Myoinositol, the required daily dose clinically proven to be effective in the treatment of PCOS symptoms.

The naturally-occurring ingredients in Ovaria bind to cell receptors, activating the signalling pathways that regulate thyroid hormones and, most importantly, insulin in the body. This means Ovaria helps activate glucose transporters and helps your cells use the glucose. And, so doing, Ovaria helps normalise blood insulin levels, which normalises androgen and improves the symptoms of PCOS, including weight gain, fertility, oily skin, acne and hair growth.


  • Increase ovulation rate in 16 weeks

  • Increase menstruation cycles

  • Reduce hirsutism (excess hair growth) by 29% in 6 months


  • Improves ovulation to enhance fertility in women

  • Normalises the menstrual cycle – in case of period problems

  • Improves insulin resistance – useful for managing weight problems

  • Improves blood glucose level (fasting glucose)

  • Reduces hirsutism – used for hair growth problems

  • Reduces the severity of acne – used for acne problems

  • Improves insulin resistance, reducing type 2 diabetes risk and its complications

  • Reduces blood androgens – used for acne, excess hair and sebum


Before you look in the mirror. (Again!) Before you step on that scale. (For the thousandth time.) There’s something really important that you should know.

Every day, millions of women around the world look at themselves in the mirror and see something that no one else does. They are of every age and from every culture. They feel happy, sad, depressed, insecure, scared, determined. They are brave. And would be even more so, if only they knew that they are not alone.

Are you one of them? Have you ever felt the pressure rise when you notice you’ve put a little bit of extra weight? Your weight just keeps creeping up; no matter how careful you are of what you eat or how regularly you exercise. How about the frustration when you see another swollen, red pimple? Or the facial hair that means you’ll have to wax or use a hair removal product, just to look like a “normal” woman again?

And what about your last period. When was it again? Does thinking about your cycle give you a rising sense of dread? 

Ovaria is the answer!!