Pearl Fertility Kit

Pearl Fertility Kit

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Smart hormone tracking that increases your chances of conception from month 1 of using the kit.


In every cycle there are only a few days when a woman can conceive, so having sex on these days is important if you are trying to get pregnant.

The Pearl Fertility Ovulation tracking kit helps you maximize your chances of conceiving naturally by identifying your 6-8 most fertile days in advance.

Did you know that Sperm can survive up to 5 days in the female reproductive system? This means you can be intimate BEFORE Ovulation and still have a change to conceive once the sperm meets the egg (during ovulation).


  • The Pearl app will identify your most Fertile Days (6-8 days) with the best chances of conception within those days.
  • 9 Percent Accurate with unmistakably clear results.
  • Pearl tracks your unique cycle length, and the levels of 2 Key Fertility Hormones (the FSH & LH Hormones) throughout your cycle.
  • It gives you personalized feedback rather than the one size fits all calendar or temperature method.
  • The Kit, when used correctly increases your chances from the first month of using the kit, even if you have irregular cycles, which is often the case for those who have been diagnosed with PCOS.
  • The kit covers cycles greater than 21 and up to 35 days. Longer cycles may need an additional test set.
  • If you have conditions affecting the natural hormone cycle, please consult your doctor before using the kit.


What's in the box

  • QR Code access to the Pearl Fertility in vitro diagnostic medical App (FDA Approved & CE registered)
  • 15 FSH (follicle stimulating hormone test strips)
  • 15 LH (Luteinizing hormone test strips)
  • 2 x hCG Pregnancy Test Strips (99,9 Percent Accuracy)
  • Instruction Manual & 1 reusable test strip holder.


The Pearl Team internationally has a chat option on their website and help users via their social media platforms on a daily basis. Each Pearl Kit user has a unique QR Code so Pearl is able to assist them with testing, questions and so much more, their website is also super informative.