Prep, Pamper & Play Box

Prep, Pamper & Play Box

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Date Night Prep, Pamper & Play

The MSH Date Night Prep, Pamper and Play box: 

This is our special selection, for you and your partner, to make staying at home for weeks on end unforgettable ;)  Good sex is about creating special experiences for both.   

We are in the business of good sex all year long, so the Lindt chocolate and the 20ml AMAZING silicone Pjur lubricant are the only things that will not last for many sessions to come (and maybe the condoms :-)). 


Getting ready for a date-night is a ritual.  It is a ritual of self-care.  It should be a time where you tell yourself that you are special, beautiful and important.  That it is important to make time for yourself.  It is important to take care of yourself, not because you should look good, but because you are so valuable.  We have chosen the Sorbet Body Wash, the luxurious Beauty Factory Bubble Bath, the heel scraper, razor and nail care set for your prep-time. Make it me-time. Indulge in yourself. 

 The red nail paint is just something sexy to set the tone for what is to come…

 Have the Lindt chocolate in the bath, on your own, if you want to .  Conclude your prep-session by having one of the Stimorol gums provided and donning some of the sensual lip balm.  Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself:  “I am so desirable!” 


The pampering started during your prep session, but now it continues into something that you share with your partner.  A truly fulfilling love life is one where both parties can give and receive.  

Put on some music.  Make sure you employ all your senses… 

If you did not take a bath during your prep-session (or you did your prep session earlier), you can start with a bath together. Soak in the bubble bath, take in the sweet aromas of the top of the range massage candle that we have included for you.  Give each other a sensual scrub or start with a foot massage in the bath.  Spend time together.  

Out of the bath, use the oh-so-lovely Sorbet Body Butter to sensually lather your partner’s whole body, lingering a bit longer where it matters (side note: if you go for gold here, you will miss out on the beautiful journey.  It is not about the destination!). 

If you are not wearing it yet, you want to put the lacey panty on now… The strings on the side are tied into sexy bows that provide the easiest of access later on. 


The pampering can go over into play naturally. For a more sensual massage, pour the hot wax from the candle onto their body and rub away! You can also use the feather to gently tickle the erogenous zones in a teasing manner.  Don’t throw away the satin ribbon!  It can be used as a blindfold, handcuffs or another form of restraint that can be very exciting! 

If you are ready for more serious action, you can insert the bullet vibrator into the hidden pocket inside the lacey panty… Before you do that, why not stimulate your partner with it first?  Bullet vibrators are great on nipples, the perineum, around the anus, at the base of the penis, anywhere on the penis for that matter!  DON’T let them go into any orifice – you might end up in the ER and not the 7th heaven you were envisioning! 

Use your very special silicone Pjur lube with the vibrator if you want to.  The sensation created by silicone lube is just on a different level! (You can order a full bottle from MSH Shop Online if you want more!) Let it glide over the erogenous zones, providing a much more sensual experience. 

If you are ready for action, there is plenty more water-based lube, some condoms and Femagene intimate wipes to provide for all of your needs.

Afterwards, keep all of your MSH Prep, Pamper and Play goodies in the box provided. Add some of your trusted favourites to it and make sure that you stay adventurous by adding new products to it all the time – available from

Love life with confidence on Valentine’s Day 2020 and in all the days to come!

On a serious note:  If you are not enjoying sex or your sexual functioning is not what it used to be, please visit one of the My Sexual Health doctors. Sexual Health concerns can be a sign of a serious medical condition and can be completely treatable or even curable these days! Visit our website for more information about our clinics in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.