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My Sexual Health (MSH) Online Group Supervision:

All healthcare providers, but especially those who work in Sexual Health, Pelvic Health and Sexology, need to work under supervision.  

Up to now, we all had to arrange and pay for our own supervision, but MSH has developed a structure which will make clinical supervision easy for you to access and affordable.  

We got together a team of Medical Doctors and Psychosexual Therapists, all with Masters' Degrees or PhDs in Sexual Health as well as the Pelvic Function Physiotherapists who have been a part of the MSH Team for ten years and have treated thousands of patients with sexual dysfunction.

What is Clinical Supervision?

Clinical supervision is a process that enhances growth and increases skills in a given profession, while building a trusting relationship between a supervisor and a supervisee.


What to Expect from MSH Clinical Supervision Sessions:


Supervision creates a safe space where you can ask you clinical questions to highly qualified and experiences supervisors, but it is more than that.  In the process, you will receive emotional support, gain the soft skills of clinical practice, grow as a person and professional and learn how to practice ethically and safely.


MSH Clinical Supervision will provide you with the following:

  • Enhance your skills, competence and confidence to offer sex counselling and other sexual health services to patients/clients.
  • A reflective space and emotional support.
  • Professional development as a Sexual Healthcare Provider.
  • Guidelines to offer safe and ethical services to your patients/clients.
  • Ensure compliance with professional treatment standards and guidelines

During each session, you will present a clinical case that represents certain challenges for you.  The supervisor will guide you through a process where you reflect on the clinical aspects of the case, address your challenges and bring you to a place where you are comfortable to treat the patient. The ethical aspects of the case and your emotional responses will be explored.


How many people will be in the group:

Each group will have no more than five individuals

The benefit of GROUP supervision is that we all learn from each other and become better clinicians in the process.  It is also much more affordable to have group supervision than individual supervision.


How long are the supervision sessions:

Up to two hours


MSH Team Members and Members of the MSH Sexology Club, get 30% discount on MSH Supervision Sessions.

The benefit of GROUP supervision is that we all learn from each other and become better clinicians in the process.


How do I book a MSH Supervision Session:

  • Follow the link for the Supervisor you prefer.
  • Purchase your session online.
  • Complete the Supervision Contract that will be provided once you have made your purchase.

You will receive a Zoom link via email.  


What are your responsibilities:

  • Sign your supervision contract
  • Prepare a case to be discussed 
  • Sign in for your session on time
  • Keep you camera switched on during the session, but your mic on mute, unless it is your turn.
  • Do not move around, interact with other people, do other work on your computer or phone or eat during the whole duration of the session.  In order for you to be credited for your session, you will have to be engaged during the entire session, even when it is not your case that is being discussed.
  • Complete the supervision form online after your session.
  • Maintain confidentiality.  MSH Supervision is only available for registered healthcare professionals.  Real patient cases will be discussed during these sessions and people will share openly. Please be respectful and maintain confidentiality at all times.  


What kinds of supervision is available at MSH?

  • Sexual Medicine
  • Psychosexual 
  • Physiotherapy 


At least 5 hours of clinical supervision is expected from every MSH Team Member every year and all new MSH Members have to meet the criteria for Clinical Supervision according to their specific profession. 

Find out more about the requirements to join the MSH Team…


Who are the MSH Clinical Supervisors?

Sexual Medicine Supervision:

  • Prof Elna McIntosh – Clinical Sexologists
  • Dr Elna Rudolph – Medical Doctor and Sexologist
  • Dr Jireh Serfontein – Medical Doctor and Sexologist


Psychosexual Supervision:

  • Catriona Boffard – International Psychosexual Therapist 
  • Dr Elmari Mulder Craig – Clinical Social Worker and Sexologist
  • Dr Marelize Swart – Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist
  • Dr Eugene Viljoen – Clinical Psychologist and Sexologist


Physiotherapy Supervision: 

  • Isabel Deist
  • Antoinette Janse van Vuuren
  • Cecilia Raath
  • Hester van Aswegen



Bookings to be made MINIMUM 24 hours before the session

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