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BioGain™ - Probiotics Meal Replacement for Healing and Recovery - Vanilla  400g

BioGain™ - Probiotics Meal Replacement for Healing and Recovery - Vanilla 400g

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BioGain™ - Probiotics Meal Replacement for Healing and Recovery


BioGain™ Meal Replacement is a probiotic-based meal replacement formulated

specifically for healing and recovery. Using the patented Velobiotics™ technology, you are guaranteed delivery of 1000x More Probiotics To Your Gut!

BioGain™ is for individuals with a poor appetite, recuperating from illness or surgery or experiencing involuntary weight loss. This includes those recovering  from  chronic illnesses, acute illnesses and injury resulting from hospitalization, accidents or surgery where high calorie, high protein and full complement of ingredients is needed.

BioGain™ is formulated with 10 distinct strains of probiotics that helps re-establish dominance of gut flora and deliver general wellness during the process of healing and recovery to help you Get Back On Your Feet.


BioGain Probiotics is for every person recovering from illness or injury looking to heal and recover quickly but cannot get the right nutrition.

One of the biggest challenges during healing and recovery is poor appetite and weight loss that accompanies injury or illness. In  addition,  there  is  difficulty  in  sourcing  the right balanced and enriched nutrition.

Without the right dietary solution you will take much longer to heal and recover! Which means lost time with your loved ones and lost revenue to take care of your family.

So, if you're a person recovering from illness or injury and who really needs to heal and recover quickly, but cannot get the right nutrition, then "BioGain Probiotics" is the answer you've been looking for!

  • BRAND NEW FORMULATION! Probiotic-based Balanced formula ensures that you are taking the best nutrition for healing and recovery ... faster and easier than ever before
  • PATENTED! Velobiotics™ technology guarantees delivery of  1000x  more probiotics to your gut! Thus, lets you maintain the right gut flora to support your gut and immune health
  • UNIQUE! Contains Omega 3 Fatty acids makes it so you can contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels in one easy step
  • EXCLUSIVE! Enriched with inulin delivers the key to beneficially influences the growth of normal flora in the gut
  • OUSTANDING! Vitamins and minerals make it easier to ensure that the required micro-nutrients for tissue restoration and renewal are nutritionally supported like the best