Supervision - Sunday 31 October  (10h00-12h00) - Cecilia Raath

Supervision - Sunday 31 October (10h00-12h00) - Cecilia Raath

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My work is my passion and healing is my calling. I have attended numerous courses from highly revered overseas lecturers and institutions worldwide i.e., Diane Lee, Andre Vleeming, Duncan Reed, Diane Wisbey-Roth, Ruth Sapsford, and the McKenzie instituted. I have been part of MSH health from the beginning and it has amazed me how our pool of knowledge and understanding of our patient’s problems has grown through the years. I have also been lecturing since 2007 on a pre-and postgraduate level, at conferences and webinars, mostly with “the pelvis” as subject.

The word ‘sacrum’ means ‘sacred’ or ‘holy’ in Latin and the area should be treated as such. So, whether we are treating women’s health conditions, pregnancy related pain, post-natal rehab for diastasis, men’s health problems, or children (nocturnal enuresis, encopresis, urgency, UTIs etc.) (the areas that I have a special interest in), their problem area is sacred to them and should be highly respected.

My background as orthopedic manual therapist (OMT) and sports physio (SPT) as well as Lyno method practitioner has helped me to understand how the locomotive system moves and how repetitive movements and sustained positions can restrict the spirals of the body and lead to a dysfunction, often deeply buried into the bed of the center of gravity…the pelvic floor.

But being a physio, I understand the importance of how the theory should be converted to practical techniques that can bring a significant change in a patient’s disability. This is what I am especially good at – being practical! As a supervisor I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability. I will help you to identify the drivers of your patient’s disability and treat their pain, to not just make them better, but also to prevent recurrence. Through the whole process, my hope is that you will grow as a therapist and become all you can be, to change people’s lives for the better and fulfill your own calling.


  • B.Physt (UP)
  • Research study at UP as part of fulfilment: “Die bewustheid van vroue en algemene praktisyns in Pretoria van die fisioterapeutiese behandeling van stresinkontinensie”
  • Post-graduate certificate in Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy
  • Post-graduate certificate in Sport Physical Therapy
  • Post-graduate certificate in Women’s Health Physiotherapy – this includes men’s health conditions
Additional Sexual Health Related Memberships:
Additional Sexual Health Related Courses/CPDs:
  • Postgraduate study in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT)(McKenzie institute): PART A-D, Masterclass: Mechanical Unresponsive Radiculopathy
  • Numerous postgraduate courses since 1998
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