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Telephonic Consultations with Intimacy Coach Jonti Searll (30-40 minutes)

Telephonic Consultations with Intimacy Coach Jonti Searll (30-40 minutes)

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Jonti Searll is a Sensualist and Intimacy Coach.

He has worked in various healing fields for over 25 years, specialising in sensuality and sexuality for the past 20 yrs. In this time Jonti has worked with thousands of people, singles and couples, from all backgrounds and orientations.

Jonti has a practice helping people with sexual and relationship issues. He guides people on journeys of sexual exploration, teaches a range of lessons and workshops to help people increase their sexual skills, create deeper intimacy and greater fulfilment in their relationships and pleasure lives. He gives talks to groups large and small in many different settings, from corporate to informal gatherings, book clubs etc and offers online consultations and programmes.

Jonti has produced an audio book, Let’s Talk About Sex, and The ErosLife series of educational DVD’s. He writes and publishes articles regularly.

He has presented SexTalk on for almost 5 years.

Jonti has appeared on Carte Blanche, 3Talk, Real Talk With Anele, The Wedding Show, Great Expectations, Below The Belt, Power FM, Mix FM, Cape Talk, Kaya FM. The Good Men Project and others. He has written for and been featured in many magazines and newspapers.



We went to Jonti for sex lessons, at least that’s what I thought we were doing. We being myself, 38 yrs old, my wife is 36, we’ve been married for 11 years.

I thought we were going for sex lessons, firstly because we had developed some issues, in truth they were always there, and we’d become bored, stale, a little lost and disconnected.

I learnt, am learning so much about sex, which as a man is interesting, when I put my bullshit aside about how much I know about sex, but I’m learning so much more about intimacy and connection, and that’s where it really is…

Understanding what it is to really connect with my wife, and the benefits of that are amazing, in ways I never thought about, it’s this world of seemingly endless discovery, which is so exciting…

I see how much I’m the product of a past, of patterns, condition, beliefs, things I never thought about in connection to sex, and how I can create something so different…

I think every man, every woman, every couple, should have this learning, this experience. It’s not only relationship saving, it’s life-changing to you as an individual.’