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U-Test Ovulation Test - 3 days

U-Test Ovulation Test - 3 days

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What is ovulation?

Ovulation is the part of the menstrual cycle in which the ovary releases an egg. If your ovary does not release an egg you will not become pregnant. It is therefore important to establish whether you are ovulating or not when you are trying to conceive.

When does ovulation normally occur?

A normal cycle is 28 days and ovulation usually takes place on day 14 of the cycle. Because every woman is unique, it is important to check the length of your cycle to calculate the right time to establish ovulation. The information on the package insert will tell you when to test.

Delfran Ovulation Tests are available as a mid-stream or dipstick test and each box contains five tests.


"These are the most affordable ovulation tests you will lay our hands on.  We know that when you've been trying for months it starts to get expensive to buy a new pack of ovulation tests every month and we therefore offer this highly effective, but more affordable product."